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To Our Loyal WCHC Listeners,

Please bear with us as we work to give you a new face for WCHC Sports on the web. We have left the updated Crusader schedule and the link on the site as we work to give you the best that WCHC Sports has to offer, both on and off the web, as Your Source for Crusader Sports.

WCHC Sports Management

2003 Broadcast Schedule

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17-Oct Hockey UMaine Tournament. 4:00 PM
18-Oct Football Dartmouth 1:00 PM
18-Oct Hockey UMaine Tournament. 4:00 PM
24-Oct Hockey at UMass-Amherst 7:00 PM
25-Oct Football at FIU 10:00 AM
1-Nov Football at Bucknell 1:00 PM
1-Nov Hockey at Dartmouth 7:00 PM
7-Nov Hockey AIC 7:30 PM
8-Nov Football at Fordham 12:00 PM
8-Nov Hockey AIC 7:00 PM
14-Nov Hockey at Mercyhurst 7:00 PM
15-Nov Football Lafayette 12:30 PM
21-Nov W-Hoops St. Johns 7:00 PM
22-Nov Football Colgate 12:30 PM
22-Nov M-Hoops BU 4:00 PM
22-Nov Hockey Sacred Heart 7:00 PM
23-Nov W-Hoops at UMass-Amherst 2:00 PM
25-Nov M-Hoops Harvard 7:00 PM
28-Nov M-Hoops at Princeton TBA
28-Nov W-Hoops Illinois-Chicago 7:00 PM
30-Nov W-Hoops at UConn 1:00 PM
2-Dec M-Hoops at BC TBA
3-Dec W-Hoops at BC 7:00 PM
5-Dec Hockey Army 7:00 PM
6-Dec W-Hoops DePaul 1:00 PM
6-Dec Hockey Army 7:00 PM
7-Dec M-Hoops at Louisville TBA
10-Dec M-Hoops Fordham 7:00 PM
11-Dec W-Hoops Siena 7:00 PM
3-Jan M-Hoops Marist TBA
3-Jan Hockey AL Huntsville 4:00 PM
4-Jan W-Hoops at St. Peters 2:00 PM
6-Jan M-Hoops at Dartmouth 7:00 PM
9-Jan Hockey UConn  7:00 PM
10-Jan W-Hoops at Army 1:00 PM
10-Jan M-Hoops at Army 3:15 PM
13-Jan W-Hoops at Colgate 7:00 PM
14-Jan M-Hoops at Colgate 7:00 PM
17-Jan W-Hoops Lafayette 1:00 PM
17-Jan M-Hoops Lafayette 3:15 PM
17-Jan Hockey at Quinnipiac 7:00 PM
23-Jan W-Hoops Navy 5:30 PM
23-Jan M-Hoops Navy 8:00 PM
25-Jan W-Hoops American 1:00 PM
25-Jan M-Hoops American 3:15 PM
30-Jan W-Hoops at Lehigh 5:30 PM
30-Jan M-Hoops at Lehigh TBA
1-Feb W-Hoops at Bucknell 1:00 PM
1-Feb M-Hoops at Bucknell 3:15 PM
7-Feb W-Hoops Army 1:00 PM
7-Feb M-Hoops Army 3:15 PM
10-Feb W-Hoops Colgate 7:00 PM
11-Feb M-Hoops Colgate 7:00 PM
14-Feb W-Hoops at Lafayette 1:00 PM
14-Feb M-Hoops at Lafayette 3:15 PM
20-Feb W-Hoops at American 5:30 PM
20-Feb M-Hoops at American 8:00 PM
22-Feb W-Hoops at Navy 1:00 PM
22-Feb M-Hoops at Navy 3:30 PM
22-Feb Hockey at Army 7:00 PM
24-Feb Hockey at AIC 7:00 PM
27-Feb W-Hoops Bucknell 5:00 PM
27-Feb M-Hoops Bucknell 8:00 PM
28-Feb Hockey at Quinnipiac 7:00 PM
     29-Feb W-Hoops Lehigh 1:00 PM
     29-Feb M-Hoops Lehigh 3:15 PM
    6-7-Mar M-Hoops PL Tourney TBA
    5-7-Mar W-Hoops PL Tourney TBA